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Are You Display Challenged?

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Have You Ever Dreamed Of Making Beautiful Displays
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If you agreed with any of these statements, then you are at the right web site.

Displaying your Dept 56® collectible houses in beautiful and memorable displays is now quite simple ......

Introducing "Displays by Number"

Elizabeth Dinger, the author of the popular Display Tips for Collectible Houses, has written another best seller - Displaying Your Collectible Houses - Displays By Number.

Her Creativity Shows!

Many have commented on how life-like her displays always look and how mesmerized they are as they just stand there and gaze. Taking in everything in her displays is always a joy!

As such, many wish they were creative enough to make displays similar to hers.

That Time is Now Here! 

Forget about all those flat and dull displays. By following her plans you can now create eye catching and memorable displays because this new ebook will show you everything you need to make beautiful displays.

This ebook was written with you in mind. We want you to be able to create these exquisite displays in your own home so every attempt was made to document as many details as possible.

Each of these designs are unique and new. Every display Elizabeth makes is different since she rarely ever creates a display the same way twice. She has been making these displays for 25 years so she has a lot of good ideas she is trying to pass on to you.

Once you get this ebook, you will see for yourself exactly what we are talking about. There is no misinformation here. It is 100% "real" information that comes from the heart and creative mind.

This ebook took a long, long time to create for you and we promise that you won't be disappointed one bit.

Just like her other e-book, there is nothing out there like this and you will see once you grab it.

How Can We Be So Sure YOU Will be Able To Create Beautiful Displays?

Well, each display comes with a detailed diagram (showing exactly where to place every piece) and a bunch of photos so that you can see the display from many angles. We call this technique "displays by number".

What Do We Mean By Displays By Number?

You have heard of, and have probably done, "Paint By Numbers", where you are given a picture to paint - except the picture is more than just an outline or silhouette. The picture is divided into different areas and each area has a number in it. Your job is to paint each numbered area with the color of paint specified for that area. For example, number 1 may be red, and number 2, may be blue, and so on. When you are all done painting each area as instructed, you will have a 'professionally painted picture' with intricate shading, which really looks pretty good.

Well, that is the intent of this e-book - to diagram the details of a display such that you know exactly where to place each figure, house or accessory. Then, when you are done, you will have a beautiful display that will draw the admiration of your friends and families (and you don't even have to tell them your "display by number" secret.)

Here is Just One of the Many Display Diagrams
Found in the Displays By Number e-Book.

(The actual size of this diagram is really about 8" x 10". This diagram is condensed.)

Learning More About the Display Diagrams

The ebook has 20 displays of all sizes from the simple table top display to shelf displays, cabinet displays on up to the elaborate full 4 ft x 8 ft display, which encompasses some 30 houses.

You may be saying  to your self how can I follow her displays when we may have different houses or accessories?

Well, the diagrams are actually drawn generically.

What this means is that the diagrams do not specify a particular house or accessory to use, they just specify where and how to display it.

All you have to do is take this diagram, and if you happen to have the same house as in the display, you can either use that house or substitute one of your own. As a matter of fact, no where in the diagrams does it ever say which houses are where. The only way you know which houses are used is if you look at the photos.

Same thing goes with churches and accessories. The diagram shows you where to place the accessory, whether it be a boy, girl, man, lady, animal, cart or some action accessory. You simply use whatever you have in the appropriate place.

Get a Free Displays By Number Report

  If you would like a free sample of a Displays By Number diagram with the recently released Candle Shop and Wines and Spirits, simply fill in the following information and hit the button.



(Please note that you will have to confirm your e-mail request that you will receive momentarily before the Free Display By Number can be sent!)

More Information About The Detailed Diagrams

The other thing these diagrams will show you is different elevations. Nothing ever is really flat. This holds true in making displays. You may want something in the background to be a little higher or you may want your line of houses to vary in height to make it look more natural.

Well, these diagrams will denote which things should be elevated and how much they should be raised. All you need to do is find something similar in height and size and you will all set.

A Partial Display Diagram Example

As an example, shown below is a sample diagram showing you a portion of a large display. Along with this diagram are a photo, showing a close up,  and a  portion of the "key" defining what the symbols mean.

These, then, are the basics of what you get for each of the 20 displays.

Setting Up Your Displays

To set up your display, all you have to do is:

  1. Decide where you want your display to be. Each diagram will have a display dimension on it so you know how big it will be. Most of the displays are on some sort of table or a shelf, but they can easily be used elsewhere.
  2. Print the diagram.
  3. Count, or estimate, the number and type of pieces you will need
  4. Gather them together and start arranging. Most of the other things that are added (or used) are common things found around the house like: rocks, baking soda, styrofoam packaging and so forth.
  5. Stand back and admire your work.

 "Displays By Number" Contents

Here is what comes in the "Displays By Number" ebook.

(Please note that due to the large number of  high resolution photos in these ebooks, the files will take about 22 megabytes of disc space on your computer.)

First, here is a copy of the Table of Contents showing what kinds of displays you will get plans for:

Display Type/ Name


Shelve Displays


Farm and Church  
Simple, But Sure, Seasonal Display 
Off To A Fire On A Frigid Night
Country Farm Vignette 

30" x 12"
45" x 11"
36" x 17" 
48" x 17"



Cabinet Top Display


A Quick, But Beautiful, Cabinet Top Display  

66" x 24"



Table Displays 


Country Church 
Busy Barn Yard Scene 
A Simple Country Display
New England Country Scene  
City Scape  
Down By the Old Mill Stream 
Mixing It Up With Holiday Flair

17" x 15"
24" x 17"
30" x 20"
30" x 20"
36" x 24"
48" x 18"
48" x 18"



Special Displays


Silvery Streets (on a mirror) 
Dining Room Center Piece 

 16" x 9"
30" x 12"



Larger Table Displays


A Ride through the Country 
A Busy Morning in Gate-Leg Square 
Circle of Churches 
Winter At the Pond 
Rockin Round The Christmas Tree
The Land of Plenty

30" x 30"
48" x 36"
36" x 30"
76" x 48"
76" x 48"
96" x 48"

Second, you get an introduction to the ebook describing some aspects of laying out your displays, what you should be aware of, and how to do some other things. You will also get a chart, which will be your "key" to showing what all the symbols stand for. 

Third, you get 20 detailed diagrams showing where and how to place each house, church, accessory or person. Each diagram is well marked and keyed so you can easily identify what goes where.

Fourth, there are over 175 high resolution photos showing the details of the various displays. In fact, due to the large number of photos, this e-book is actually broken down into a number of smaller e-books. This simply cuts down on the file size.

Lastly, you get a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know and we will refund your purchase price.

Some Display Photos You Will Be Able To Make

Before we close, every photo on this page comes from this new e-book.

Here are just a few more photos of the smaller vignette displays and one photo of the largest display that you will get in this ebook.

 The Ultimate Dept 56 Display Information Around

Are you beginning to see how complete this information is?


Clearly, this ebook is unlike any other!  Once you get it, you will see how important the information is and how you can easily make stunning and memorable displays.


Once you get this information and immerse yourself in it, you will save yourself a ton of time and learn much!  If you are like many Dept 56® collectors, you  are anxious to get your collectibles out but just don't know how you are going to arrange them. This means you have to scour around and try and dredge up some new ideas. However, with this unique e-book you are set for years to come. (Suggestion: Print a copy and store it away with your collectible houses.)


Pretty powerful huh?


Even if you are a seasoned collector and have made many, many displays over the years, you will still gain insight and ideas from the ideas provided in this ebook. (and if you don't, see our guarantee below)


These are personal creatives and insight that can not be found anywhere other than from right here and right now!


You Are About To Make Dept 56® Displays

That People Will Rave About!


Once you get this information, you will be able to produce beautiful displays that your family and friends will rave about.  This will be the start of a tradition of many happy family memories.


So wait no more, get you hands on this extremely valuable resource right away!


You Are Just A Few Clicks Away From Getting Your Hands

 On the Dept 56® Displays By Number eBook
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In Mind From The Start!


To get your hands on this high-quality information and extremely valuable insight, this ebook is available for less than the cost of dinner for two.

Imagine, for such a small investment, you will be getting the very best information available anywhere. This ebook will allow you to immediately begin your display building and continue for years to come. There are so many ideas in this ebook  that you will never use them all in one year. (or two or three years, in fact.)

So, if you are serious about making stunning displays, then this is the best you are going to find (period).

 Here is What An Avid Dept 56 Collector Had to Say About Displays By Number

Thanks Elizabeth for creating this much needed addition to the world of Department 56 display ideas.

Breaking down displays into easy-to-read plans that show an “aerial” view of the placement of village buildings, water features and figurines is a huge help.

And with so many great full color photos, I can really see how the plan translates into the real thing!



 100% Guaranteed!

This eBook Comes With A Full 8 Week Guarantee!  If the information is not everything I say it is, you will be issued a full refund without any hassles whatsoever!

You get 8 weeks to see that this ebook is the best of the best!  That is 8 weeks to build displays and if you are not fully satisfied, You'll quickly be refunded your money.  No worries. No hassles. Nothing to lose!

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Thank you for reading and Happy Collecting!!

Elizabeth Dinger

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